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Crystal warrior - Clan Wars Focused!
Silver Warrior -  Clan Wars Focused!
Lounge warrior - Farming and fun!
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Co Leader - Earned by Attacks/Advice/Loyalty
Elder - Earned by Attacks/Advice/Loyalty

Clan Wars Record
Crystal Warrior - 133 Wins (THREE Perfect Scores)
Silver Warrior -41-4-1 (TWO Perfect Scores)
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KeavneyWV - Leader 0 Comments · Likes · Like · 30th May 2014
We are on a roll and getting better each time.  We have seen a lot of great improvement for a lot of players.  If you had difficulty watch replays and hone your skills.  Practice them in multiplayer.  Each war time is changing so soon the timezones will flip and other members will get first strike.

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09:50:23 PM

Paddy - Redcoat Time

02:50:23 AM