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Mastering the hog rider strategy
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Joined: 19th May 2014
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22nd May 2014

Since the changes to the Big Bomb, it has become extremely important to carefully plan out your attack accordingly. Hog riders are a viable strategy for attacking any town hall without inferno towers. (Inferno towers set on multiple will kill 5 hogs at a time while rendering your heal spells ineffective.) Hog riders become available to you at TH7 as soon as you can get a lvl 2 dark barracks.


  • Fast - 24 movement speed (2x as fast as giants)
  • Relatively tanky - 270-450 hps
  • Attack defensive structures first like giants
  • Can jump over walls
  • Use dark elixir (roughly 50 each)
  • Will not attack clan castle troops or heroes
  • Susceptible to large bombs (low level hogs die instantly to big bombs)
  • High level wiz towers and mortars can take a pack of hogs down quickly

The cons can be overcome by bringing a group of archer/wizards to deal with CC/heroes, and bringing heal spells to counteract the large bombs that will take your pack of hogs down to 50%.

Army composition
  • 30-40 hogs
  • 10 archers
  • 5 wizards
  • 3 heal spells (its is not super important to have high level heal spells since 3-5 tics will bring your hogs to 100%)
Of course some of the wiz/arch can come from your clan castle. You can use hybrid strategies that have say 12 hogs incorporated in your larger giant/healer army, but taking 30-40 hogs with you as your main attack strategy is by far the most effective way to go.

How high can I go?
  • TH7 with max defenses - 35 lvl 2 hogs and 3 heal spells
  • TH8 with low defenses - 35 lvl 3 hogs with 3 heal spells
  • TH 8 with max defenses (lvl 6 wiz towers and mortars) - 35 lvl AT LEAST 4 hogs with 3 heal spells
  • TH9 with under leveled defenses - lvl 4 hogs will do the trick if the wiz towers/mortars are lvl 4 or below
  • TH 9 with Max defenses - Highly recommend lvl 5 hogs and minimum of 4 heal spells (Req. spell factory 4 TH9)

Scouting Bases
  • Look for bases that have defenses tight and clustered
  • Avoid bases that are spread out and have large gaps for traps and bombs in-between defenses.
  • (Using higher than recommended lvl of hogs will allow you to muscle your way through any base)

Deploying your hogs
  1. Make sure CC troops die BEFORE your main attack. If they are alive, then they will follow your hogs and pick them off.
  2. ***PRO TIP*** Decide exactly where you are going to deploy your hogs before the fight. Lure the CC to that spot. Then kill them there with your wiz/Archers. While they are fighting each other deploy your hogs. This way your hogs will clear any defenses in the area and any left over wizards and archers become your clean-up crew instead of dying immediately. 
  3. One method is to deploy all your hogs in one group so that you can use your heal spells with maximum effect. (Note: Do not use the one group method when there are spaces for big bombs inside the base) Another drawback to this method is the time it takes for one group of troops to destroy an entire base. You may run out of time.
  4. An alternate method is to deploy two groups of hogs in order to destroy all the defenses more quickly. You should deploy the groups on the same side of the base relatively close to each other in order to overwhelm defenses. (Defenses will only be able to fire at one group at a time, but your hogs will be taking down defenses almost twice as fast.) Another advantage to this method is that by deploying two groups you can guide your hogs to the target you want them to kill. (Which are wiz towers and mortars.) The drawback is that you now have two groups of hogs to babysit with heal spells which leaves you with 1.5 get-out-of-jail-free cards instead of 3.
  5. If it is obvious where big bombs are placed in a base, use 1 hog to set them off. Hint: you can also use 1 hog to lure out troops from Clan Castles that are buried.
  6. With the changes to the big bomb and heroes, it is safer to deploy several small groups of hogs rather than a massive pack. Use a group of 10 and a healing spell on each corner of the base and then use wizards, archers, and your heroes to clean up.

Using heal spells:
  • Heal spells are absolutely essential to this strategy and you should use at least 3.
  • Don't put down heal spells prematurely like rage spells. Use them only after your hogs get to 50% health
  • Place them just ahead of your group of hogs while still keeping them in the outer rim on the spell.

If you have done everything correctly, your hogs will destroy all the defenses in the base and then turn into the clean-up crew. Of course if you have a lot of spaces in your army you can save additional troops for this task, but the speed of the hogs makes them pretty good at cleaning up.

Happy hunting guys!


***Updated to reflect the changes to Heroes and big bombs. 7-16-2014

Winning is about capitalizing on the weakness you find in the enemy's base

Last Edit: 19th Jul 2014 by T1Girr - CoLead
Forum » Forums » Attack Strategies
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