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Mastering the Giant/Healer combo
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Joined: 19th May 2014
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22nd May 2014

When executed correctly, the Giant/Healer strategy is a great way to 3star bases. It is essentially like GOWIPE with squishier troops. At lower levels, it is your only viable ground attack option.


  • Giants are very tanky
  • Giants target defenses
  • 2 healers can heal an entire group of giants while under fire from 4 defenses
  • If healers die, healing spells can be used to great effect
  • Healers are susceptible to air defenses 
  • Healers will sometimes chose to heal one small troop under fire while letting your pack of giants die
  • Giants are slow

Army composition (This will depend on the lvl of troops you are using)
  • 12-16 Giants
  • 2-3 Healers
  • 6-10 wallbreakers (Essential for enabling your giants to get at the defenses quickly)
  • 10+ Wizards
  • At least 15 Archers
  • For higher lvl town halls use 2-3 PEKKAS and 2-3 Witches

  • At least 1 heal spell - These can save you when your plan goes to hell and your healers die
  • At least 1 rage spell - When you initially break through the wall and your troops are all concentrated, a rage spell will give you the explosive power you need to win.
  • Consider using 3 lightning spells for a key air defense on a TH7. Otherwise heal/rage are the way to go.

Troop Deployment:
  • Initiate your attack on the side of the base with an exposed air defense so that your giants immediately go for the air defense. After the air defense falls, deploy your healers.
  • Use wall breakers directly after putting your giants down for distraction. You need to open up those defenses ASAP!
  • Clear the outside buildings on the side you are attacking with archers and wizards. This is super important because if you don't, then your wizards/BK/AQ/PEKKAs will run along the outside of the base. 
  • You have to clear outside buildings after you put your giants down for distraction or the defenses will start killing your vulnerable troops, but you also want to destroy them ASAP or your giants will die.
  • Ideally, your wallbreakers have opened up a compartment to the defenses and your pack of giants is whacking away. Meanwhile your small group of archers and wizards have cleared the outside buildings. This is the time you want to dump all the rest of you wizards and heavy hitting troops. Your intent is for them to go inside the base where your giants are and start wreaking havoc.
  • The first 20 seconds of this strategy are absolutely crucial. You don't want your heavy hitters clearing around the outside of the base. You don't want your pack of giants to die before you put your healer down. Use heal spells as necessary.

Scouting Bases:
  • Bases that are not highly compartmentalized. (Although skilled deployment of wallbreakers can overcome this)
  • Bases with clusters of defenses all in one compartment
  • Bases with easy access to splash damage buildings. (Consider using an army composition of mass troops to deploy after these buildings fall. This is a great weakness to look for in lower level bases)
  • Air defenses on the outside ring of defenses

How high can I go?
  • Lvl 3 giants - TH6s and very weak TH7s (Base lvl healer)
  • Lvl 4 Giants - TH7s and weak TH8s (Recommended lvl 2 healer)
  • Lvl 5 Giants - TH8s and weak TH9s (Recommended lvl 3 healer)
  • Lvl 6 Giants is a HUGE upgrade over lvl 5. You can attack essentially anything but a maxxed out TH10.

Dragons are a much better way to secure a 3-star, but developing skill with this strategy will definitely produce good results on a budget.

Good luck, and happy hunting!


Winning is about capitalizing on the weakness you find in the enemy's base

Last Edit: 19th Jul 2014 by T1Girr - CoLead
Forum » Forums » Attack Strategies
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