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Mastering the Dragon strategy
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Joined: 19th May 2014
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22nd May 2014

Dragons are awesome for a number of reasons. if you have 9-12 you can literally place them all on the map with one finger and kill most TH7 bases while you drink your coffee. With the recent nerfs to hog riders, dragons have become the strongest attack strategy for anything below a TH9.


  • They are SUPER tanky
  • They can take care of heroes and CC troops without luring. In fact, the enemy CC often helps your attack by pulling your dragons to the center.
  • They do splash damage
  • Only air defenses can attack them
  • Do not cost dark elixir
  • Slow
  • Do not target defenses
  • Expensive elixir cost

Army composition:
  • 9-12 dragons (Make as many dragons as you have spaces for. THIS IS KEY!!!)
  • 1 Dragon in your CC, or Max balloons. (Explained below)
  • 0 Wizards/Archers/Valks/Giants! Don't make your army weaker by bringing ground troops.


This is the most important part of a dragon fight. Since dragons are slow, misplacing spells can result in more dead dragons and a failed attack. If you have three spells slots, the safest thing to do by far is make three lightning and take out the most important air defense. Another good combo is 2 rage and one heal. Use the two rage at the BEGINNING of the fight to help your dragons get to the air defense quickly. Use the heal spell towards the END of your fight when several of your dragons are half health or below. TH9s have 4 spells slots, giving them more options. The best I have found is three lightning and one rage. When attacking TH10s with inferno towers, 3 freeze and 2 rage is optimal.

  • Use 3 lightning spells to take out the most important air defense. An air defense is more important if it is a higher level or if it is centralized. On TH8s with a triangle of air defenses around the town hall, eliminate the air defense that is farthest away from the side you are attacking. This way, it won't be shooting down your dragons while your dragons are spending a lot of time setting fire to the Town Hall.
  • The purpose of rage spells is to eliminate enemy air defense ASAP. Don't use rage on a group of non-defensive structures. Use your rage ONLY when your dragons come under fire from the air defense. If your dragons path correctly, using three rage spells instead of three lightning will actually be more effective. Be careful though. It is best to stick to lightning until you are very comfortable with how your dragons will path.

How high can I target?
  • Any TH7 - Lvl 1 dragons will almost always do the trick
  • TH8 with lvl 4 and below air defenses and lower defenses - Lvl 2 dragons will work
  • TH8 with Max defenses - Use lvl 3 dragons
  • Any TH9 - Lvl 3 dragons just because of the sheer amount of buildings you have to destroy
  • Lvl 4 Dragons depending on the base can three star even TH10s

Scouting bases:
  • Look for weak air defenses/archer towers
  • Look for air defenses near the outside of the base so dragons will target them quickly
  • Attacking a base with more than 2 air defense towers that are three layers of buildings inside the base is a BAD idea!

Troop Deployment:
  • Since dragons do not target defenses, you want to place them close so to enemy air defenses so they target them ASAP.
  • DO NOT ATTACK FROM A CORNER! (Your dragons will split into a V and circle the base, instead of going to the center) Attack all from a side. Ideally you want your dragons wiping the map all on line with each other.
  • If you are able to eliminate any air defense with lightning spells or your king/queen, be sure to deploy your dragons CLOSEST to the remaining air defense. This is crucial because if you don't one air defense can take out 5 or 6 dragons.
  • Use your King and/or Queen to shape the battle by eliminating buildings that would slow your dragons down. Ideally, you can use you heroes to eliminate an exposed air defense mid-fight.
  • Deploy all your dragons ASAP. It is acceptable to hold back two or three for a few seconds so you can concentrate your attack on the middle but understand the longer you wait, the riskier your attack gets. You want the full force of your attack bearing down on the enemy ASAP.

Using Balloons in your CC: One troop that does compliment dragons is balloons, but don't bring more than can fit in your CC. You also want to hold off on deploying your balloons till AFTER your dragons are tanking most of the defenses, and ideally AFTER your dragons have killed the CC troops. You don't need to bring any heal spells for these balloons.
  • Don't deploy your CC balloons in the same place you deployed your dragons, they will take too long to join the fight.
  • Don't deploy your balloons on the opposite side of the battle, they will get shot down by defenses too quickly. (Exception - if an enemy air defense is on the outside layer of walls so that when you deploy your CC they will head straight for it, you DEFINATELY want to take advantage of this! 5 black balloons will be able to destroy it easily.)
  • Deploy your balloons as close to enemy defenses right in the thick of the fight so your dragons take all the hits.

The Peel-and-Skewer effect: ****Disclaimer*** This is only to be used on bases where all storages and collectors are in a ring around the base OUTSIDE the range of air defense. The ring of buildings will cause your dragons to circle the base instead of going center. You can use dragons to peel away this ring of buildings so that you can deploy a second group of dragons that goes center. Once again, DO NOT use this method if in range of and Air defense. Being in range of archer/wiz tower is ok. This is a RARE attack strategy that should only be used on special base styles.

When you attack certain bases with dragons, they will spread out into a V shape after destroying the first building, circling around the base and leaving the core untouched. This is bad since a lot of bases have centralized defenses. This problem can be overcome by using the Peel-and-Skewer effect. The P.a.S. effect is performed when you only deploy a portion of your troops at the beginning, lets say 6 dragons. After the buildings have been "peeled" away, you then deploy the rest of your dragons in the same place, and they make a beeline to "skewer" the center. The same concept is used to defeat anti-hog bases and eliminate the defenses in the center. Take note that using this technique weakens your army a little bit because you are using two smaller forces instead of a concentrated overwhelming force. You will have to determine if getting to the center is worth sacrificing a little power. Most of the time you will use a modified P.a.S where you deploy all of your dragons except three. After your dragons break through the first layer of buildings deploy the last three in the center to concentrate damage on the core of the base.

Note: Chief Pat has a dragon tutorial that teaches people to deploy dragons on the weak side of bases and to use rage spells to get to the TH. THIS IS BAD! DO NOT LISTEN! Our clan goes for THREE stars every attack which means we attack bases from the STRONG side and we use rage spells ONLY WHEN DRAGONS ARE BEING FIRED AT BY AIR DEFENSE!

Good luck, and happy hunting!


***7/10/14 updated to include new spell placement and deployment strategies.
***7/19/14 added the balloons in CC technique and disclaimer for P.a.S

Winning is about capitalizing on the weakness you find in the enemy's base

Last Edit: 19th Jul 2014 by T1Girr - CoLead
Forum » Forums » Attack Strategies
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