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Mastering the Balloonion strategy
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Joined: 19th May 2014
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24th May 2014

Our leader, Keavney, is the expert on this one. Since I like making the guides, I'm going to write down what I observed, and he can make any corrections or improvements.

Why it works: Balloonions is an excellent strategy using Balloons and Minions, hence "balloonions". The reason its balloonion and not any other combo of air attackers is because of the synergy between the two troops. Balloons are comparatively tanky to minions, and they target defenses. They are essentially flying giants who make great meat-shields for taking out defenses, and also baiting out air bombs that would ruin an entire pack of minions. Minions, on the other hand are extremely fast. They make an awesome clean-up crew.

  • Excellent synergy between the two troops. If your balloons start to fail before every single defense is destroyed, it is very possible that the pack of minions can still clean up the battle.
  • Balloons are relatively tanky, making them perfect candidates for heal spells

  • Like giants, balloons are slow
  • High level air defenses, Xbows pointed up, and inferno towers make this strategy tough.

Army composition
  • 24-32 Balloons
  • 40-60 Minions
  • 10-20 Archer, 2-5 wizards for taking out the CC and archer queen.

  • Rage spells and heal spells essentially accomplish the same goal using a different means. Heals protect your balloons, and rage destroys defenses faster. Either spell is a good choice, but heal spells are best for attacking TH6-8 because the level of balloons you will be using are fragile. Inferno towers render heal spells ineffective so rage and freeze are the best options for attacking a TH10.
  • For high level THs using 2 freeze spells/3 rage can be essential for beating inferno towers.
  • On TH7s consider using 3 lightning to destroy 1 of the 2 air defenses. Do not use lightning for THs with 3+ air defenses.

Troop deployment
  • It is absolutely essential to kill the CC troops first. A pack of wizards can destroy all your balloons in no time.
  • A single balloon can be used to lure out troops
  • Deploy all your balloons in a line along one or two sides of the base. Use two fingers for fast deployment
  • Deploy all your minions in an arc behind your balloons as soon as your balloons come in contact with defenses.
  • Use heal or rage spells as your balloons start to cluster around defenses. Use spells at the beginning of the fight so that they affect more of your combat power at once.

Scouting Bases:
  • Look for low lvl air defenses
  • Look for air defenses that are closer to the outside of the base
  • X-bows pointed down

How high can I go?
  • Lvl 3 Balloons - Use for TH6 or very weak TH7s
  • Lvl 4 Balloons - Good for TH7s and very weak TH8s
  • Llvl 5 Balloons - TH8s and weak TH9s
  • Lvl 6 Balloons - With skill can take out a sturdy TH 10
  • Minions - Lvl matters less since they are the clean-up crew, but having them as high as possible helps a lot

Balloonion may seem risky at first, but once you get the feel for the level base you can attack with your army, you can get your 3stars every time. Keavney has done an awesome job with his max troops, getting at least 2 stars every time even on bases with inferno towers!

Happy hunting!


***Updated 7-16-2014

Winning is about capitalizing on the weakness you find in the enemy's base

Last Edit: 16th Jul 2014 by T1Girr - CoLead
Forum » Forums » Attack Strategies
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