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Mastering GOWIPE
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Joined: 19th May 2014
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19th Jul 2014

GOWPIE has been my favorite strategy since I started playing this game, but until now, I have not had the ability to make golems. GOWIPE is short for golems (GO), wizards (WI), and pekkas  (PE). Personally, I believe GOWIPE is the strongest strategy when executed correctly, but it is also the most difficult strategy.

  • The #1 goal of GOWIPE is to get your P.EK.K.A.s, Heroes, and wizards to the center of the base you are attacking. 

Getting all your heavy hitters to go into the center is not as easy as it looks. If you don't deploy your troops at the right time and in the right order, you will end up with your Pekkas and Heroes circling the base, leaving the core untouched. So, how do you deploy your troops correctly?

GOWIPE in a nutshell:
  • Drop golems first, spaced out a little bit to distract as many defenses as possible.
  • Drop your first two wallbreakers to break through the first layer of walls, and then immediately after, put down just enough wizards to eliminate the outside buildings in your area.
  • AFTER those outside buildings are destroyed drop your Pekkas, King, Queen, and remaining wizards.
  • Drop a rage spell and then all the rest of your wallbreakers ASAP.
  • Use additional rage and healing spells as necessary.

These 5 steps all need to happen in the first 12 seconds of your fight. If you do it wrong, or deploy too slowly, your army will either stall out, or circle the base and die off.

Common mistakes:
  • The number one mistake GOWIPers make is deploying Pekkas and Heroes before enough outside buildings are cleared. As important as it is to deploy your troops quickly, you must wait until your wizards have cleared those outside structures. Try deploying one Pekka to see what he targets. If he targets the center then drop everything else.
  • Deploying wizards or Pekkas first. Always deploy your golems first. They need to be taking the hits.
  • Not putting down your wallbreakers soon enough at the beginning. You need to break into the middle ASAP.
  • Not putting down your second wave of wallbreakers soon enough. If the first layer of the base gets cleared out before the second layer gets opened up, your Pekkas and heroes will turn around and go back outside.
  • Losing your WBs to mortar splash. Mortars fire very slowly. Drop your WBs in-between the splashes.
  • Slow troop deployment. Scout the base beforehand and think in your head how exactly you are going to deploy your troops. You have 12 seconds to shine, so take your time when planning, so that you can execute quickly.

Army Composition: You can definitely tweak your army around depending on the base. One thing I wouldn't skimp on is wizards though. They will do the majority of your damage. I also have a few less WBs than usual because I am very good at getting them to the walls before they die. You might want to have 10-12 WBs when you start practicing.
  • 2 Golems
  • 4 PEKKAs
  • 12 Wizards
  • 6 Wallbreakers
  • All Wizards in your CC

  • Rage: This is the most important spell to bring. I always bring two.
  • Heal: I always bring at least one heal spell because of their ability to keep an entire pack of wizards alive while under fire. Catching your heroes and Pekkas in the radius is a bonus because it will heal up half of their hit points.
  • Jump: It is very effective to bring one jump spell on certain bases. If you can get to the center with one jump spell it is even worth dropping your wallbreakers and bringing more wizards.
  • Lightning: I do not bring lightning spells in GOWIPE.
  • Freeze: I have not had the chance to experiment with freeze, but it is certainly effective and viable to use.

How high can I target?
  • Lvl 1 golems are fine for TH8 and 9. You will need beefier tanks for Max TH9 and TH10.
  • I highly recommend lvl 2 or 3 Pekkas for attacking TH9s.
  • You absolutely need lvl 5 Wizards

Scouting Bases:
  • Anti-hog bases are PERFECT targets for GOWIPE. (Bases that have a circle of collectors/storages that separate inner defenses from outer defenses) you can set up you entire attack while only being under fire from an archer tower and a cannon. By the time you get to step three, all your troops are deployed and still healthy. I have three-starred these kinds of TH9 bases consistently in CW battles.
  • Watch out for Single target infernos. They will destroy your Heroes and Pekkas quickly.

Dragons are the answer to TH 7 and 8 bases, but becoming a skilled GOWIPer is an important way to secure the victory over clans with a lot of TH9 and 10 bases.

Good luck, and happy hunting!


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Winning is about capitalizing on the weakness you find in the enemy's base

Last Edit: 19th Jul 2014 by T1Girr - CoLead
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