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How to use wallbreakers effectively
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Joined: 19th May 2014
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24th May 2014

Wall breakers are essential to the giant/healer strategy. They save your giants at a time when the enemy base's defenses are strongest by allowing your giants to get to the defenses quickly.

Wall breakers are quick, and extremely destructive, but they have one drawback...they are SUPER squishy. One hit from a defensive tower and they are dead. Because of this, troop deployment is very important.

Tip#1) Do not deploy your wall breakers so that they will destroy the wall in the exact place where your giants are hitting. The reason for this is because the splash damage from mortars and wizard towers will kill your wall breakers. Deploy them a little to the left or right of your group of giants.

Tip#2) Attacking a base from a corner works very well. The problem when attacking from a side is that once your have broken through the first layer of defenses, your wall breakers will get stupid. Instead of targeting the second later, they will often got for another T-joint in the first layer. This usually doesn't happen when attacking from a corner.

Tip#3) Attack the base from a side where there are no outside buildings. On a section of wall without and outside building, you can deploy wall breakers right next to the wall, and they will detonate before the enemy defenses have a chance to fire. (Consider this when designing your own bases too)

Tip#4) Consider deploying wall breakers after using a rage spell. Your already fast wall breakers will get to that next layer of walls with turbo speed. 

On higher level attacks with golems, players use up to 25 wall breakers to obliterate an entire base and open up defenses. Until then, using 4-10 wall breakers skillfully will often help you win an attack.

Happy hunting!


Winning is about capitalizing on the weakness you find in the enemy's base

Joined: 19th May 2014
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27th May 2014

Great tips T1
Forum » Forums » Attack Strategies
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