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How to three star bases in clan wars
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Joined: 19th May 2014
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22nd May 2014

Tip #1) Scout the base prior to attacking:
     You are specifically looking for weaknesses in the enemy defenses.

Weaknesses include:
  • Low level Air defenses - Use a dragon rush or Balloonion strat.
  • Exposed splash damage structures (Wiz tower/Mortar) - Take out with giants and swarm with mass Wiz/Archers
  • Mortars directly next to each other - Take both out with two lightning spells as part of your attack
  • Extremely segmented compact base - Use Hog Riders
  • Base with several large compartments with many defensive structures in each section - Use Giant/Healer strat
  • Base with air defenses on the very outside layer - Use giant healer strat
  • Low level walls - Giant/Healer
  • Low level splash damage buildings - Use Hog Riders

Tip #2) Always destroy the clan castle troops and heroes prior to your main attack:
     Ignoring the enemy clan castle troops is a recipe for disaster. You can lose your entire army of giants or balloons if you don't deal with them first. The only exception is an all dragon attack. If you absolutely can't lure the CC then your dragons will be able to take care of them for you since they have such a large health pool.

Tip #3) Commit to your main attack:
     When you are deploying your main attack, do not put your troops down one by one, or in small groups. This allows the enemy defenses to fire at your troops one at a time. Instead you want to overwhelm the enemy base's defenses all at once. IMPORTANT: It is ok to put down one troop to bait out defenses (Example: one giant to pop a spring trap or one minion to pop an air bomb) This is important to do because when you dump your main attack you are essentially "putting all your eggs in one basket".

Tip #4) Use spells effectively:
     Spells can make or break a fight. you only have a few of them, so you want to make sure you use them correctly. First, consider your strategy. If you are attacking from air, you may consider using three lightning spells to eliminate a key air defense. This is a good idea especially for TH7s which only have 2 air defenses. Use your rage spells and heal spells on large groups of troops. Do not use them on just your king or queen. Place them as far ahead of your troops as possible, while still keeping them in the outside rim of the spell. Don't waste 50% of your spell's area by plopping them right directly on top of your troops. Heal spells work best on troops that have more hit points like Balloons and giants and wizards. Don't use them on archers. Rage spells work best where your troops are concentrated at the beginning of your attack.

Tip #5) Have a few troops in reserve:
     This technique can help you get a three star, where you would have gotten a two star from lack of time. The reason you save a few archers for the end instead of destroying these corner buildings first is because it can complicate your plan to destroy the enemy CC troops and heroes. The last thing you want is the enemy archer queen running off to a random corner because you put an archer there to get rid of a builders hut. It just simplifies things to save a few archers for the end. Another point that can be made along these lines is saving some of your DPS troops in reserve for taking out a key building mid-fight. When doing so you always have to consider whether those troops would have been more effective on the ground at the beginning of the fight. As you become more experienced, you will get a feel for this.

Tip# 6) Know how many troops it takes to kill the hero your are fighting or the CC troops.
     It does not take 47 lvl 5 archers to kill a lvl 1 Barbarian King. Do not waste troops.

Tip# 7) Kill the CC troops/Heroes in the same place where you will deploy your main attack.
     If you do this, you main attack troops will take the fire from the defenses. This way, any leftover troops become your clean-up crew instead of dying immediately after.

Alright that's just a few tips to help guys. I'll edit as new ideas come to me.

Happy hunting!
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Winning is about capitalizing on the weakness you find in the enemy's base

Last Edit: 26th May 2014 by T1Girr - CoLead
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22nd May 2014

Great Advice - Anyone can benefit from this information.
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