Clan Status
Crystal warrior - Clan Wars Focused!
Silver Warrior -  Clan Wars Focused!
Lounge warrior - Farming and fun!
Leader Status (Decided by Leader Vote)
Co Leader - Earned by Attacks/Advice/Loyalty
Elder - Earned by Attacks/Advice/Loyalty

Clan Wars Record
Crystal Warrior - 133 Wins (THREE Perfect Scores)
Silver Warrior -41-4-1 (TWO Perfect Scores)
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Welcome to the Warrior Family Website

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Crystal Warrior - Serious about War. Non-stop war except for occasional start time reset.  Three stars are expected and on bases your strength.  Members are expected to have good original base designs as well. Looking for TH9 min Level 15 heros or TH10 min lvl 25 heros.  #P8YUYJC

Silver Warrior -  Serious about wars, but more relaxed atmosphere.  Both attacks required though.  We pride ourselves on developing those that just need that extra step to three star. Three wars back to back with 8 hours between for timezone changes then 32 hour break.  Looking for Mid TH8 with Lvl3 Drags and Good TH9 with Lvl 10+ Heros#8P22RGU2

Lounge Warrior - Going on Vacation?  Too busy?  Have family who want to be a part of our family?  Have a second account?  Then this is the place for you!  #8P2CPL8V

1) No Town Hall Sniping (Taking a Town Hall for Loot in Clan Wars)
2) No One star Sniping (Attacking outer buildings to get 50%)
3) No Barbs, Wallbreakers, Giants, Goblins, or Healers unless asked for
4) No attacking a base you can not three star unless no other is available
5) Bad attackers will be kicked
6) Be Active in Clan Wars or be kicked
7) Troop Takers will be kicked
8) Be respectful of others
9) Request as many times as you can (Utilize those troops)
10) Donate as many times as you can
11) Read the donation requests and only give what is asked (Type, Lvl, Etc.)
12) Never ask for promotion that is decided by Leadership vote
13) Clan chat is not a free text service. No long conversations other than COC related (This only applies to Crystal Warrior).
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KeavneyWV - War Time

09:17:21 AM

Paddy - Redcoat Time

02:17:21 PM